Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Maek Maps!

So, for the few of you who know that I'm working on making a Left 4 Dead map...I decided to first make a Portal 2 custom map so I can practice and get the hang of it before I move on to more challenging maps. I have the 'floor plan' already worked out, and Todd is helping me use Hammer (the authoring tool program). I just hope I'm not too retarded to understand it, and get him frustrated. ;~;

Hmm...what else...My birthday is on Tuesday. Turning 22 and I can't wait to get drunk and not care about anything. IMEANWAT. So yeah...I have the next week off from work for that reason. LOL But there really isn't anything new that's going on.

I've been on a Katy Perry kick recently...and I don't know why.

Rebecca Black removed her Friday video...hmm...maybe she realized that she needs to put that horrid thing behind her and move on. O.O

We can only hope.