Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Well, I finally got my computer built! Instead of bringing it to a place so they could do it for me, I bit the bullet and built it myself with Todd's help. It took about 6 hours due to some other stuff coming up. I needed thermal paste and a new heat sync, so I had to run to Best Buy. I tell people, never buy anything for computers from Best Buy...they overcharge; and as I found out when I went, they're idiots. I walked up to the computer guys that were hanging around. I asked "Where do you guys have your heat syncs and thermal paste?" They looked at each other, and then back at me and went "What's that?". I was like...uhhh...nevermind. lol So I got home, got frustrated, finally got the thing put together and it runs. One bad part is, since my computer was ASUS...they only have hook-ups to the power button and DVD drives of an ASUS motherboard. Meaning my power button and DVD drives don't work, I gotta go ghetto style and turn it on with a screw driver on the 2 prongs. XD Oh well.

But anyways, I started school a few weeks ago and it's my last semester until I get my associate's in Criminal Justice. I can't fuck up anything this semester at all, meaning I can still stream, but it won't be for long depending on how much school work I have. But don't worry, I won't be a stranger. :)

I need to find a job, and my mom said she would help me find one after I graduate. I said it was ok, but honestly, I would hate to be in debt to my mother. She's a demon. No kidding. She is a DEMON. A gossiping hypocritical demon. But I need a job so I can finally just give her this house and find my own....but that's a few years down the road. Who knows what I'll be doing then.