Friday, October 22, 2010

Been a while!

So, school got a little crazy with midterms this week, sorry I haven't been around. I uploaded a couple new videos, some Left 4 Dead, some not. My 2 favorites by far are the Perv Tank and my Left 4 Dead funny pictures. I know there's no music on the funny Left 4 Dead pictures, I might upload it again with music, I'm not sure. WMG always shits on all my videos. lol
Perv Tank:

Funny Left 4 Dead pictures:

I have a few videos to upload, like the Hunting Pary mutation (which is all edited, just waiting to be uploaded), and some Portal Highlights. played Dead Rising 2 yesterday. I died. A lot. Kept getting nomnomed. I can never get used to that 3rd person view. :/

So yeah, that's my update I guess. Look for some videos coming out soon!


  1. You laugh, but Xbox is...uhhh...damn. You're right. PC is better. I can't record on my PC though and I don't have my old graphics card anymore so the game is soooo laggy. :/