Monday, January 24, 2011


So...yeah. Haven't posted in a while. I guess I probably should. Not really much headset decided to break so I had to get a new one. Good thing I got the Geek Squad warranty...I brought them back to Best Buy and they gave me a brand spankin new pair. I was really happy. Going from being able to hear a blade of grass get crushed behind not being able to hear where noises are coming from is horrible. I could barely play Left 4 Dead a few days ago. But, I got a new headset and all is well.

I've been trying to find a job for the longest time...I really need a job...I'm broke and I can barely afford groceries. My parents are helping...but I don't want to have them live with me until I'm 30. I need to either kick them out (I can't now because they're paying for the majority of my bills now) or find my own place. I can't afford a lot of things and I just hate not having money. I've applied at every place in my area, and nobody is hiring. Yet they said the unemployment rate dropped like 5% last week. Yeah...okay.

I started school....but they cancelled classes like today and all last week, so I really haven't had a full week of school. I am a little happy that my schedule is so early morning or late evening classes. And all the classes I'm taking now are all classes I've taken before. So they're a little easy.

I have jury duty on Valentines Day. Yeah.  FUCK.

I'm thinking about trying to become a YouTube partner, Tate told me that Minecraft videos aren't copyrighted, so you can use them and make profit. I made a new YouTube channel, so if you're subscribed to me on my AnglSummer4 account, make sure you subscribe to me on my new account HERE. I really hope I can make partner, I'm hoping it'll give me enough money to sustain me until I can find a real job.

So yeah...that's really all the news I have. Kbai.

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