Monday, April 4, 2011

Sooo yeah.

So it's April. Just in case anyone didn't know that. lol I'm frantically working now to make up for all the classes I slacked off with in the beginning of the semester. Why do I do this to myself. *sigh* I've been trying to upload videos to YouTube kinda steadily, but editing takes a long time and now I'm using Sony Vegas, render times are crazy long. And I can't play video games while I render due to epic frames per second lag. Ever tried to play Minecraft with 4fps? Hahaha. NOPE. (I also use F3-O-Vision because I'm a frady cat. ^_^)

Sooo...what else is new. I have a new boyfriend for anyone who doesn't know. His name is Mike and he's crazy awesomely cool. Just like me. 8D

We had the first thunderstorm of the season today. I was playing Left 4 Dead and I was like...this is Dead Air...why is there thunder? And I looked outside and I was like "Oh...heavy rain...thunder...ohhhh." hahaha I'm a special derp. XD

But yeah, I've been trying to play and school and work at my temp job I have at the bank...and it's, really draining me. I had a test for sleep apnea a few weeks ago, and I don't know how that went. I can sleep for like 9 hours and wake up like I slept for 3....exausted and not wanting to wake up. I hate it. Hopefully they can give me something to horse tranquilizers or something. Hahahaha

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  1. Did the same thing as you for school... Gotta catch up now >:(