Thursday, December 16, 2010


So I went out last night with a friend of mine. We went to Best Buy to look for laptops, and well, I found one that my mom is going to get me for Christmas. While I was there, I was walking around and looking at the different games and software they had there. I saw some PC games like Black Ops and such, no biggie. Then, on a shelf by itself, I see it. Sony Vegas 9. A bunch of red stickers all over it marking it down and everything. I ended up getting it for like $40. Which is amazingly good compared to the $150-200 they normally are. I haven't loaded it up on my computer yet, so I won't know how good it is until later on today.

School ends tomorrow, woohoo. I have 3 exams all next week, but then I'm done until the Spring semester starts. :D

Anyways, My mom decided to take away all my stuff because of some...misunderstanding. No headset, no controller, no Xbox. Nothing. I'm working on getting it back but who knows how long that's going to take. I don't like to play Steam games without m controller because when I click it back to Gamepad: Disabled, it gets rid of all the keys I have binded, and all my custom settings for the controller. I don't remember them all, and I really don't want to mess with that's that. My Steam rating is shit. haha Whatevs. I've been playing Minecraft recently, so that's great. A game I really don't need a controller for. lol
So yeah.
You're updated.

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