Thursday, December 2, 2010

OMG. I haz Minecraft!

So yes, I play Minecraft. I just uploaded my first Minecraft video yesterday, and it looks purrrty cool. I have another video coming of me exploring a big ass cave I found on single player. I might even upload some videos of me, Dino, Tate, and Hal playing...who knows. Minecraft is a great game, I tend to play it on peaceful, though. Just because I hate having to hide in my house at night and not being able to do anything. Not only that, but Creepers are pervs.

but anywhoo, keep looking for some Minecraft videos. I was really pissed that my CrOwned video footage got deleted. I had some pretty epic CrOwns in there.
:( Oh well, I guess I have to re-record thanks to my video editor being a fag. Hooray for shitty Mircosoft products. >.<
Well, I'm off for now.
Toodles! :D

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