Sunday, July 3, 2011


Well, in case some of you don't of my videos recently got featured on the Left 4 Dead 2 Facebook fanpage. It instantly got a lot of hits, comments, and a whole hell of a lot of attention. I was a little disappointed in the beginning because a lot of the comments on the video were negative toward me and Sarah. Saying we should "get back in the kitchen" and that "we were the most annoying cunts ever". I couldn't help but see them all over the video, and I guess it kind of got to me. I really am conflicted as to if this video being featured everywhere is a good thing or not. Yeah, it got me attention and I got a shit load of subscribers...but it came at a cost to me. I won't go into specifics, but I really am at a loss for words. I've been getting harassed on Steam, YouTube, and the amount of friend requests and messages reach almost 50 a day. I'm ignoring them right now, and I'm still doing damage control on the video...removing comments that are hidden due to negative votes...ect...and I have to say that the amount of negative comments has dropped considerably in the past day...which is nice.
So as for it being a good thing...I really do think it was. I have more fans, more people wanting me to make more stuff. And that's really what keeps me going. :)

Anyways, that aside...I've been working a lot and it's pretty crazy. I work evenings, like 2-10pm, and when I get home it's right on the computer and talking to Todd. He's really helping me map and honestly...I love playing games with him. It's nice to have someone to play with that 1) Doesn't suck and 2) Knows how to have fun.

I need to start planning my next video. :O


  1. No big deal. Everyone gets harassed on the internet. It's the internet. Ignore it.

  2. Hey there. Fuck the haters. My cousin linked me a video of yours on Facebook and I love your style of commentary. I sent you a YouTube message (although you're ignoring them, and which is totally understandable) to see if you'd like to do a Minecraft dual commentary. Best wishes with everything. You are hilarious and have a great talent for this shit.

  3. Got here from your YouTube account and just wanna say that everything about that hamster is brilliant.

  4. You should not give a fuck about thist idiots :) It's the Internet.. it is full of stupit assholes. Especially on Youtube. I like your Video very much! :)