Friday, July 15, 2011


So, I checked my YouTube last night and I saw this gem in my inbox. It was sent by (not sure if I believe them) another girl gamer to me. I thought I would post it here so you guys can laugh at how she thinks I'm some dumb whore who plays video games for attention. Enjoy!

"First of all, you are fucking retarded. I can't even being to explain to you how fucking outdated it is to STILL be saying the same, mundane shit like "Yes, I'm a girl and I play games. GET OVER IT". Do you seriously think, that when other people play online with you they are going to place both hands on their face and say.."Oh gee! A girl that plays games!" I hate break you out of your delusional exclusive bubble, but there are tons of girls who play games and don't even care to announce to the whole world that they are female. You know why? Because they like playing games, period. They're not looking for attention, which is what you are doing. You give us all a bad name, I hope you know that. For someone online to accidentally refer to you as a 'him', does NOT make them sexist, perhaps it is by habit. When I get referred to as a him, I don't fucking give a shit, do you know why? Because I know it is extremely fucking juvenile to thrive attention from complete strangers online. How many men do you think claim to be women online? You are putting yourself in the same field as them. Okay, if you didn't understand how dumb you are by now, think of this analogy. A fat and unattractive neckbeard approaches you in a grocery store. He says, "HEY! I'M A GUY AND I CAN COOK SO WELL! I can cook ambrosia, angel-food cake, and sushi!". That is what you sound like when you talk about how many games you can play. No. one. CARES! Video games are not gender specific, and as much as you'd like to flutter your eyelashes and say "Don't hit on me you SILLY boys! ^_^", you secretly fucking love it, don't you? And you are the type of girl, I bet, that gets inwardly jealous when another girl joins vent, don't you? And I bet you try so hard to prove you're a female too, that you make unessescary squeaks and giggles. Take it from me, no guy finds that attractive. And by bashing men who may MISTAKENLY refer to you as a male, you are being just as sexist as they are. It's one big fucking double-standard. Learn to respect both genders. I hate people like you so much and you seriously give us such a bad name that I don't even have a picture of myself on my steamprofile, my gender, and I don't go on vent because I am ASHAMED of being a girl who plays, only casually I might add, video games. In retrospect, I respect that you enjoy playing your video games even though you're fucking stupid, but if you want other people to respect you as a PERSON and not a "hawt girl that plays games", don't feel the surging need to fucking boast your gender every 5 minutes.
PS. L4D is pretty much the easiest fucking game to play in the universe. If you are still so bent on impressing the male gender, I suggest you play some counter strike, or ninja gaiden."

I just....I don't know what to say. I have no idea where she got her idea of me from...and I messaged her back "tl;dr".

She messaged me today and said:

"but of course you did, because the words "girl" and "gamer" definitely caught your prepubescent eye :)"

Son...I am confuse. o.O


  1. Sounds like she hit a soft spot.

    Now go play Counter Strike or Ninja Gaiden.

  2. Hahaha, I like how she contradicted herself by saying that EVERYONE KNOWS GIRLS PLAY GAMES and then refered to how she gets called "him" all the time.....ROFL.

  3. She probably was one of those girls who were like, OH HAI EVERYONE! IM A GIRL AND I PLAY GAMES SO HIT ON ME! :D (eyelashes flutter at the speed of light)

    what terrible jealousy