Saturday, November 6, 2010

Graphics FTW and FTL

I got my graphics card in the mail today. At about 2PM. After some head scratching, tech support from Tate, YouTube videos, a lot of Googleing, and more tech support from Tate; I FINALLY got the fucking card into my computer. The instructions in the booklet that came with the card read:

1) Locate the slot. Inster the card firmly into the PCI-Express/AGP/PCI slot.
2) Plug the display cable into the VGA card.

I'm computer challenged. I don't know what the FUCK a PCI-express slot is, let alone where it is or how to get to it. So yeah, the instructions were a joke to someone like me who has no idea WTF I'm doing. I opened up my computer after like 2 hours of trying to figure out how to open the damn thing, to find a buncha lights and shiny stuff.I couldn't figure out how to slide the card in there, because it seemed to be blocked by this metal bit on the side. I didn't know that you had to unscrew one of the metal bits and slide the graphics card into it. Yep. Technology FAIL on my part.
But hey, at least I know how to use a screw driver. :D

So I got everything hooked up and installed and I quickly flipped on Left 4 Dead. It was beautiful. My FPS was higher than like 5, and the color was amazing. No more weird fog, or strange black holes around fire! Woohoo! I played through 2 campaigns with Tate and friends, and I had a blast. :D I'm happy that everything worked out okay. lol

BUT...Now I have to get a gaming keyboard. :\

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