Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Just got out of a game with Tate and a few of his friends. I had a lot of fun. ^_^ My FPS was horrible, as usual. Only one more day until I get my graphics card, I hope. But yeah, so school has finally slowed down a little bit, which leaves me with some down time. I ordered a new graphics card for my PC (obviously) so I can play Left 4 Dead with a FPS higher than like 2. Once I get that, I'm probably going to need a gaming keyboard. Hooray. I might just cheat and use my Xbox 360 controller as my keyboard. :3 Who knows. Right now, I only have my left hand on the W, E, and R keys. Walk forward, use, and reload. The top 3 that I need. Oh, and I have my thumb on my space bar. But yeah...running away from Tanks while shooting doesn't happen. Since I can't move side to side and backwards without looking down at my keyboard, I have to manuver using the mouse and try and get around obstacles. Not the ideal gaming setup. I might play around with the keys and get it so I can move backward and side to side better, but I don't know. far as binding keys and using the console commands, I can do that...but when it comes to going into the Left 4 Dead folders and editing and adding stuff...I don't know how to do half the stuff people talk about.I have no idea what a .CFG file is. I always thought I had a pretty good know-how when it came to computers, but trying to understand what these guys talk about is just impossible. I need a translator. hahaha I haven't played PC Left 4 Dead in over a year...I'm very rusty with everything. I feel like a noob I have to re-learn everything. I just don't want to bother people by asking themto help me remember how to do everything on PC. :\

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