Monday, November 15, 2010

I has Fraps!

Thanks to a generous donation by Tate, I now have Fraps on my computer. It's so fucking beast. Instead of having to edit and screw around with the sound settings on Xbox, I just start Fraps and everything is already recorded for me.'s just so beautiful. Once I figure out how to get my Livestream up and running, I might be livestreaming...but who knows. For now, I guess Xbox recordings are the way to go.
I do have a couple new videos up right now, check them out at my channel:
My favorite is the Scatman Infected. XD

Thanks again, Tate. Even if I started off as a crazy fan chick (so you say), I'd like to say you're my friend now. :D

So I'll see how to start livestreaming and I will hopefully be able to. You guys can watch me get lost numerous times on custom maps...or even hear me eat cake while playing Portal. :D
Keep and eye out! I'll have any updates on here or on my YouTube channel.

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